OCT 18 - DEC 20, 2022
Clown + Mime (Adult Classes)
This 10-week class combines gentle conditioning, Mime technique and Clown training.

It is intended for performers and non-performers of all varieties who wish to discover greater physical vocabulary and how they are uniquely funny.

How does the audience affect YOU?

Discover how to trust yourself onstage in a state of true play and originality.

Learn to follow your impulses and RISK! Each participant will exit this class with an understanding of Clown as an action necessary for visual comedy and an awareness of performing with DELIGHT.

Through clear instruction and feedback, games, and entrances, you will develop a greater awareness of yourself in relation to your partners, your props, and your audience in a safe and fun environment.

Prepare to experience the joy of discovery and the celebration of your ridiculous self!
Tuesdays, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Cost $775 - Limited partial scholarships available.